To launch your song in Premier you need to sign a contract in which the responsibilities of each party will be clarified.
For unpublished songs you should have the song recorded in the studio (audio) or the song with the video clip. The Premier Team will take care of professional files to create your Premier code. If the song is just in the audio format. Premier in cooperation and agreement with you will create your own video clip. Then the Premier team will take care of your song marketing by promoting it before it's released. A trailer of your song as well as ads through our web site and social networks will announce the next song. After a one-week campaign, your song will be launched and ready to be purchased all over the world.
Of course you will remain the author of the right of your work. We need your consent to the digital distribution right for your songs as well as the time you keep it in Premier.
You can cancel the contract at any time without having to pay extra.
If the song is ready with a video clip, then depending on the marketing campaign that will be made for your song it can all take up to 7 business days.
Each artist will have access to his channel at Premier where they can see all the sales statistics of their works.
Withdrawal of funds is done every 30 to 45 days starting from the day of launch in the Premier. The funds will be credited to your bank account.